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Time & Temperature Clock

MODEL: CS4D23TMP (2.3 inch high digits)



MODEL: CS4D4TMP (4 inch high digits)

Daily Alarm. Alarm automatically stop sounding after 15 seconds.
Simple push buttons to set time.
Option to show only time or alternately display time & temperature in Deg. Celsius

Set the clock to 24 Hour mode .
Simultaneously Keep pressed TIME button and any button H+ , H- , M+, M- to change the time .

Dimensions & weight : 17 inches x 6 inches x 2.5 inches x 2 kg appx.

Temp. Range : 1.0 to 99.5?C 

For measuring temperature above 50?C ask us for customized clocks with external sensors.

We can offer you external sensors with required length of cables at extra cost.

Temp. Accuracy : +/- 0.5?C at 25?C Room Temp 
Digits : 4" Red FND
Power : 12 V DC , 10 WATTS ( Max.)

Indoor use only or can be used outdoors with protection from direct rains.

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Time Temperature LED Clock

2 CS4D23TMP 105 INR 3500
4 CS4D4TMP 130 INR 4200

Note: For customers within India, GST @ 18% will be charged extra. Shipping charges are included.

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